Realistic cake tutorial round up

First, a hearty thank-you to all of the cake artists who have kindly donated their time and knowledge to bring these tutorials to the cake world. Enjoy this tutorial roundup, and please let us know if you would like to see more features like this by leaving us a comment on our Facebook page. Click on the photos to jump straight to the tutorials.

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So without further ado...

1. Realistic apple cake

Whether someone is the apple of your eye, or you want to gift a teacher this sweet cake, Sweet Little Treat Cakes shows you how to create this perfect apple cake with step-by-step photos here:


Sweet Little Treat Cakes

2. Ribs and fries

Nope, not for this vegetarian baker who created a cake and cookie version of a rack of ribs.  


Melodia Cakes and Treats

3. Bowl of Salad cake

Does cake count as part of the nutritional five-a-day?  We suspect not, but it's still another great food tease by Ann Reardon of How to Cake That.  Learn to make this realistic salad cake with croutons, chocolate cake and wafer paper.


Bowl of salad by How to CAKE that

4. Realistic African Elephant

The cake queen of animals, aka Dot Klerck generously shares her elephant cake tutorial with detailed notes for scaling any cake plan you dream up.  And she would know, after all she made this cake LIFE SIZED too!   

Eat Cake Party

5. Air Jordan Sneaker Cake 

Nike endorses you JUST DO IT and make this cake. No? Well, here's the video to show you how to create Air Jorndon sneaker cake anyway...


6. Did you say BACON???

Lean back and relax with this bacon strip fondant tutorial.  It certainly would make a better prank than my puns.


Kylyssa Shay 

7. Glam handbag clutch

We bet if you placed this cake on the table at your next dinner party, you'd fool a lot of people. Jo Tan of Scrumptious cakes definitely fooled us.  

Make this delicious clutch with Scrumptious cakes

8. Steak Cake

Lies. Lies! It's all lies.  Or actually cake, in this instance.  And we like ours well done like this tutorial.  


9. Popcorn explosion what happens when you get distracted in the kitchen checking Facebook.  How clever is this cake by Ann Reardon of How to Cake That?

How to CAKE that

10. When life gives you lemons....

You turn it into cake! At least that's what Natalie Sideserf of Sideserf cakes did with this hyperreal lemon cake.  We love her use of colour and shading and texture trick for the lemon skin.  See it here:

Sideserf cakes


11.  Snapper cake

There's plenty of cake in the sea, err, it's a snap - no.  Enough puns and just check out this realistic snapper cake tutorial by Nina Blackburn of Make Pretty Cakes

Make Pretty Cakes

12. Knowledge is power.

Cake knowledge in the form of a realistic stacked book cake, that is.  Karin Klenner of Sweet Little Treat Cakes shows us how she made this realistic NOVELty cake. 

Karin Klenner - Sweet Little Treat Cakes

We hope you enjoyed this cake tutorial compilation! Get in touch if you want to see more tutorial roundups. Happy caking!


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Posted by Nina Blackburn on 22/08/2020

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