Sharon Wee

Sharon Wee is an award winning international cake teacher and author. She currently also teaches online via Craftsy and a range of online PDF tutorials.

Sharon Wee is a cake artist residing in Sydney, Australia. Originally from Singapore, she relocated to Australia to study media and marketing over a decade ago and decided she enjoyed the lifestyle too much to leave.

After graduating she started her first corporate job and felt unfulfilled. It was then that she searched for a hobby to keep her busy. Since she always loved desserts and all things crafty, it seemed perfect when she stumbled upon a cake decorating class at a local community college.

The class opened up her eyes into the world of cake decorating and it was there that she fell in love and grew obsessed with it. Her days at work were then spent researching new cake ideas and reading online forums to learn as much as she could. She would jump at any opportunity to make cakes for family and friends and as she got better, they encouraged her to start selling her creations.

With not a whole lot of experience on cake decorating or running a business, she decided to give it a try anyway. So from there she worked on building up her business while still working full time. This meant lots of really late nights, mistakes, and sometimes uncertainty. But it was her passion for cake decorating that kept her moving forward and finally gave her the courage to quit her corporate job and focus on her business full time.

To date, Sharon's creations have been on TV, in magazines, on the radio, and have won multiple online and show awards.

Sharon's style has been described as clean, fun, cute and whimsical. She spent many years focusing on wedding cakes and it was only in the last couple of years that she decided to start teaching. Through teaching she discovered she loved getting to know students from all different backgrounds and watching them learn and achieve projects they never thought they could. The experiences are always fun and rewarding. Today, she focuses mainly on teaching locally, nationally, and internationally. 

You can find Sharon on Facebook and Instagram. 
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