Top 5 geode rock candy tutorials

I wonder if Viki Kane from Just a Little Dessert Co. had an inkling she was about to launch one of the biggest cake trends in 2016 to GEODE ALL THINGS! Her entry at CakeFest show last year was certainly the first time I had seen it displayed so beautifully on a cake so I've given her the #1 spot. Titles and photos link to tutorial pages.


1. Viki Kane’s golden geode slice topper

Her tutorial is available for purchase and walks you through step-by-step process to recreate the standing topper as shown. What a beauty!

The little gem that kicked it all off! x


2. 2016 Cake trend: Embed a geode into a cake

Ann Reardon How To Cook That shares a supersaturated sugar recipe poured into shaped tinfoil. Imagine the possibilities! Following her instructions, the sugar crystals are encased in a chocolate shell. Create a large version and place into a carved cake.

Geodes encased in chocolate.


3. Make your own rock candy sticks

There are dozens of sites with the traditional rock candy method that requires days of watching and patience. I picked this one, as the article includes a good reality check in case you thought you might want to make hundreds, as this blogger did. Her plan was creating 200 for her wedding. What she got instead is shown below.

Chemistry at work.

The recipe is incredibly simple, but requires patience and exact conditions!


4. *Fast* Rock Candy Cheat

Chemistry: when you ain’t got time for dat. This blog post shares recipe for quick “rock candy” made using a cookie sheet. When sugar hardens, it can be broken up and placed on a cake as shown - or used to make faux rock candy sticks by dipping sticks into cooked sugar syrup and rolling on smaller broken pieces.

Rock Candy On Cake


Add flavoured oil and different food colourings to individual batches.


5. Geode cookie slices

This tutorial by Alana Jones-Mann will complete your dessert table styling by showing you how to create geode agate cookie slices using royal icing.

Edible mineral art you can eat!



Hope you enjoyed this tutorial list with big thanks to all the cake and cookie artists who share their knowledge.

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Posted on 20/03/2016

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