12 Planes, trains and automobiles tutorials roundup

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With hearty thanks to all of the cake decorator artists who have kindly donated their time and knowledge to bring these tutorials to the cake world. Enjoy this tutorial roundup, and please let us know if you would like to see more features like this by leaving us a comment on our Facebook page. Click on the photos to jump straight to the tutorials.


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Do you call them airplanes? Aeroplanes? or just plain, erm, Planes?  Either way, here are a few cake tutorials for your next airborne craft

Aeroplane Cake by Delicious Art


1. Aeroplane Cake by Delicious Art

Super cute, and really straight forward cake-on-the-board design, without fuss.  Make the wings and details ahead of time to allow them to dry.  Starts as a 20cm x 20cm square cake (8 x 8" square)



Vintage airplane cake topper by Cassie's Confections

2. Vintage airplane cake topper by Cassie's Confections

Oh my cuteness!  Cassie's Confections was kind enough to share how to make this vintage biplane, and we are in love! 



3D airplane cake by Backen aus Leidenschaft

3. Elevated 3D airplane cake by Backen aus Leidenschaft

This decorator uses a foam and shaped polystyrene airplane base to sit off the cake board.  Video also shows how to create all the runway and airplane details.





All aboard! From cupcake-sized to full scale choo-choo trains, we've got you (and the tunnel shaped cake) covered with these train tutorials.


How To Make a 3D TRAIN CAKE by Sugar High Score

 4. How To Make a 3D train cake by Sugar High Score

This mother/daughter duo show you step-by-step how to create this steam train cake and caboose with the cutest popcorn clouds!




Edible tunnel cake by Sweet Kats Creations

5. How to make an edible cake with a tunnel insert

Okay, how COOL IS THIS???  So easy too.  Big thanks to Sweet Kats Creations for showing us how to create a tunnel cake tier for our cake creations.




How to make a cute train topper with CakeJournal

How to make a cute train topper with CakeJournal

6. How to make a train topper by Cakejournal

Here's another cute tutorial, this time for a cake topper.  But instead of putting it on top of the cake, check out this adorable cake board idea. LOVE! 



Vroom, vroom! If making a car cake has been on your bucket list, make this your year to tick it off with these cake tutorials.  And if you need something a bit more time friendly (because car cakes take FOREVER!!!!), check out the alternative tire cake options that will still spin your wheels.


Ferrari Cake by CakesStepbyStep

7. How To Make a 3D Ferrari Cake by CakesStepbyStep

Make your next cake a convertible with this tutorial inspiration.




This would be perfect for car windows! Firm gelatin recipe by How to CAKE that 

8. Edible Gelatin sheet recipe for car windows by How to CAKE that

How to Cake that sells her recipe for creating these firm gelatin sheets, perfect for your next car cake, don't you think?




2D Car tutorial by Grated Nutmeg

9. Fondant VW 2D Car Tutorial by Grated Nutmeg

We adore all the cake options we could use these vw bug cut-outs for.  See step-by-step photos and several designs Grated Nutmeg created with these fondant cuties.




Corvette car cake by McGreevy Cakes

10. Corvette car cake pictorial by McGreevy Cakes

We are loving the bright yellow of this corvette! Progress photos to look at in the link.




How about making a tire cake if you are pressed for time?

11. Wheel cake tutorial by Yeners Way

A fantastic alternative to a model car, especially if you are pressed for time - or the client's budget doesn't allow the BILLION hours a car cake takes (amiright?) Full scale video tutorial to make this tire cake by Sedar Yener.




By Nicoles Zuckerwerk 

12. Fire truck cake tutorial by Nicoles Zuckerwerk

  We thought this fire truck was pretty cute!

We hope you enjoyed this planes, trains and automobiles tutorial compilation! Get in touch if you want to see more tutorial roundups. Happy caking!


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Posted on 23/01/2019

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