Joonie Tan

Joonie Tan is the proficient cake artist and brain behind 180 Degree Celsius, a renowned cake studio in Bangalore. It was five years ago that she bid adieu to her marketing job in Malaysia to pursue her love for baking and cake decoration.

She has trained professionally under some of the biggest names in the industry, such as her mentor, the late Chef Kong Yik Hong, Margaret Carter, Kaysie Lackey, Sheryl Bito, and Kelvin Chua.

Her exceptional works have been published in various national and international publications like Harper’s Bazaar India, Vogue India, Elle India, DIY Wedding Magazine U.S., Cakes Décor, and Cake Masters Magazine, among an enviable list of others.

Apart from specialising in customized cake orders for wedding and celebration cakes, she is also a member of faculty at Lavonne Academy of Baking Science and Pastry Arts, India’s first specialized international baking academy.

As Executive Pastry Artist at Lavonne, Joonie teaches advanced baking and cake decorating skills and techniques. On an average, she trains more than 500 budding cake artists every year, at Lavonne. Group sessions aside, Joonie has students come in for one-on-one cake decoration classes, from different parts of the country. She’s also trained a number of international students.

With her penchant for and adeptness at creating edible masterpieces, she is among the most sought-after pastry artists in the country. A specialist in couture wedding cakes, Joonie keeps abreast with the changing trends in the world of cake decoration. From minimal and simplistic to magnanimous structures that steal the thunder at any celebration, Joonie’s cakes are exquisite pieces of art.

As an educator, it comes as no surprise that Joonie endorses the dissemination of knowledge in whatever way possible, so much so, she is one of the co-editors of Sugar Magazine, India’s first cake art magazine, each issue of which has a circulation of over 1000 readers around the world. She is also the founder of India’s Cake Artist Network, social media’s leading network on cake decoration, in the country.

You can find Joonie on Facebook.